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      Centretown News Online
      Friday, June 20, 2020
      Front Page
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      Police push for anti-terrorism barriers

      The Ottawa Police Service is planning a major security upgrade at its headquarters on Elgin Street that includes the installation of barriers to prevent a vehicle from being driven through the building’s front entrance.

      Holmes's voice will be missed With a crowded field of candidates stepping up to challenge incumbent Diane Holm...
      Ban Bossy is about more than just words It’s time to look beyond the name. It may well be the most polarizing fac...
      City must speak out against sexual assault Re: Fighting 'rape culture' starts in the locker room

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      Cover of Centretown News

      APRIL 11, 2020

      Centretown Past and Present


      Rediscover Centretown's streets and landmarks and learn about the history behind their names. Researched and written by Centretown News reporters, this feature also showcases both contemporary and historical images.

      Would the proposed seven per cent hike in Ottawa taxi fare affect how often you would use taxis?
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      June 28, July 26, Aug. 30, Sept. 2

      The International hosts Latin Sparks

      Ottawa Humane Soceity Auxillary meeting


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